How was Love DK born?

Love DK, a passion project turned into a life partner for me, the brand story is rooted in the essence of personal touch and the spirit of spontaneity. It all began when we started receiving our first few orders and these are the moments that I will forever cherish when I personally got flowers everyday and packed it with your order with a very personal handwritten note to each one of you which would end like every love letter did, Love DK and hence the brand name! ( If you’re still wondering, they’re the initials to DEVANSHI KHETANI.

     And to make your jewellery even more personal, I moved to Florence, Italy in 2022 and spent a year on the bench to learn jewellery making and experience it from the maker’s point of view as before I was only skilled as a designer. I could go on about my experiences in Italy but this is not the segment for it hahaha, I shall save it for the blogs!

    Coming to the present, talking about my visions. I will overshare something with you. My phone wallpaper says, “ I need at-least one Love Dk, says 7.888 billion people ".

    And to leave this on a happy note I want you all to know that all our products are sourced and manufactured in India. So when you receive your parcel don't forget to notice "Made in my India" tag because its something I take alot of pride in and everyone should !

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