Whats the point of jewellery if its not multi-purpose?

We designed our first ever GWB in 2022, and there’s no stopping in making it everyones favourite . The introduction of our GWB in 2022 has been met with overwhelming positive feedback from our customers.

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Tell me how Love DK was born?

Love DK, a passion project turned into a life partner for me, the brand story is rooted in the essence of personal touch and the spirit of spontaneity. It all began when we started receiving our first few orders and these are the moments that I will forever cherish when I personally got flowers everyday and packed it with your order with a very personal handwritten note to each one of you which would end like every love letter did, Love DK and hence the brand name! ( If you’re still wondering, DK stands for...

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3000+ of you loved it

Multipurpose  Jewellery. A long rope can be styled as a stacked bracelet, a long... 


What is GWB?

Glad you asked! It has been our best seller for the last 390 days. It started off as a bracelet but later discovered that it can be styled in multiple ways. For eg: Necklace,Waist Chain, Belt, Two layered choker and it doesn't end depending on how creative you can get. Its currently available in3 colours.We recommend 101 to try it and rest is gonna be history.

Do you have a physical store?

We’re an online-only homegrown brand. However, we do have plans on making your shopping experience with LOVE DK real very soon! stay in touch xxx

Can I track my order?

Yes, once your order is shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number. You can use this tracking number to monitor the progress of your shipment and estimate the delivery date.

Can my order reach me in 1-2 days?

Yes absolutely, we provide express shipping with additional costs during check out.

Does sweat cause jewellery to tarnish?

Our sweat is acidic and it  also contains some salts. Both of these components react with the base metal, which causes jewellery to discolor. This happens when themolecules of the base metal transfer into the layer of gold, eventually causing it to break down. Ultimately, these molecules get exposed to the sweat, causing the reactions. For example, base metal copper ( also, brass which is an alloy of copper and zinc) which is often found in  to gold plated jewellery, in reaction to our sweaty skin and oxygen forms a cupric oxide, which is why the skin in its contact sometimes becomes green. 

Can I request a repair for a broken/damaged jewellery piece?

Yes, we offer repair services for our jewellery pieces. If your item requires repair due to a defect or damage, please reach out to our customer service team with details and images of the issue. They will guide you through the repair process, including shipping instructions and any applicable fees.

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